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About Zenith

Zenith is the Annual Economics Conclave of Miranda House, typically held in the month of February each year. With a number of competitions bearing economic-based themes, Zenith strives to aid students in developing their critical thinking abilities through application of economic principles from the textbooks to real life scenarios.

Zenith 2016

A lot happened in 2015 to consolidate the fact that we are united by more than just our nationalities, races and ethnicities; we’re united as citizens of the World. Events in one corner of the world created ripples in others. This global view- with clashing cultures, contrasting beliefs and dissimilar economic histories but relentlessly hoping to achieve unity- is what Zenith 2016 aims to highlight in its plethora of events as a part of its annual festival. The boundaries have been stretched, the horizons have been broadened, and what’s there will most certainly be here someday- if not today. Our aim is to look beyond the tricolor and the RBI to the star-spangled banner, the stripes of glory, and the other multitudes of shades in the global economy. To view the brochure play_for_workClick Here

Zenith 2015

Zenith'15, the Annual Economics Festival of Miranda House, was held on 2nd-3rd March 2015. The two-day summit hosted an array of academic and management based events that tested critical thinking abilities and challenged the knowledge of the field of Economics. The theme, "Transitus: Debunking the old, Embracing the new", was centered on the heterodox theories of economic thought that have revolutionized the way in which the subject is taught, practiced and understood. To view the brochure play_for_workClick Here

Zenith 2014

Zenith'14 was held on 25th & 26th February centered on the theme "Crisis". It incorporated the most challenging and mind-boggling events from A Case of Ice and Fire to The Econquistador, a battlefield for economists. Informal events such as Wiz of the Brand Street, Profitus Maximus and Junkformers added to its overall success. Overwhelming participation from students across University of Delhi has solidified its position as one of the best Economics Festivals in DU. To view the brochure play_for_workClick Here