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Editorial Board

Every year, we embark on a journey that ends in the publication of Aapoorti, our annual Economics journal. En route, we try to involve as many people as we can, with the objective to explore and exploit the connect we all are trying to establish with the subject that we are pursuing, Economics. We aim to be intrepid enough to venture into territories unchartered and avenues un-trodden.

Established in the academic year 2010-11 by Poonam Maithani and Shambhavi Sharan, Aapoorti attempts to offer the students a better understanding of the practical application of the various theories and models that we do as a part of our syllabus during the three years to our undergraduation degree as well draw attention to diverse topics that one could possibly muse upon. However, over the years, we have added bits and pieces of our own to this dream, aiming to make it an integral part of our department's identity. Every year we receive entries for the annual edition from colleges all across the country. We have interviewed scholars like Jean Dreze, Lord Meghnad Desai and Jayati Ghosh amongst many others for the same.

In the coming years, we intend to cater to the dream with which the journal was founded- providing a platform for the students to voice their opinion and ideas as well as help them identify with the subject of Economic science in general. We intend to push the frontiers of our imagination further to have a better theoretical understanding of the various topics that the subject is composed of and try to strike a balance between a rigorous research based orientation and creativity.

Aapoorti: Sixth Edition (2016)

In Aapoorti 2016 , we look forward to learn from them who we have left behind, or so we thought. We seek to borrow the wisdom of the ‘ancients’, as we attempt to create a better future. We bring forth the Telluric Tales, where we explore various indigenous knowledge base, practices and resource management mechanisms, because, we believe ,our past that holds the key to the various conundrums we are faced with in the present. We , at Aapoorti, this year, sought to break the narrow confines of the general notion about economic science and endeavour to shed lights on its diverse aspect and acknowledge the myriad players across it’s spectrum, from the immigrants to the environment.We also had the privilege of interviewing eminent economists like Jean Dreze, Rakesh Mohan and Jayati Ghosh, and we are sure their words would be as enlightening to you as they were to us. To view the editorial play_for_workClick Here

Aapoorti: Fifth Edition (2015)

Zenith'15, the Annual Economics Festival of Miranda House, was held on 2nd-3rd March 2015. As winds of change sweep the world, we bring to you the latest edition of Aapoorti 2015 with the theme: Transitus- The Way Forward. We celebrate dynamism and change with articles from The Editor’s Desk centred on innovations in the recent past that have challenged orthodox economics like those of Piketty, Mazzucato, Mark Blyth and others. Interviews with eminent economists like Dr. Pulapre Balakrishnan and Dr. Subir Gokarn are engaging and enlightening. Recognising the need for a platform for undergraduates to present their research papers, we have introduced an exclusive Research Section along with the usual sections- Revelations, Thinking Seeds etc. To view the editorial play_for_workClick Here

Aapoorti: Fourth Edition (2014)

Aapoorti 2014 has many new sections like Vishleshan, Alumni Lecture Series, Revelations and Fun Arcade. We have also continued with Buzzwords of the Year, which focuses on the rupee crash of 2013. The Editors’ Desk this time brings you an analysis of various trade-offs, while Thinking Seeds elaborates on basic economic concepts. Also read interviews by Lord Meghnad Desai, Dr Rajat Kathuria and Dr E Somanathan. To view the editorial play_for_workClick Here

Aapoorti: Third Edition (2013)

Aapoorti'13 gives the readers a peek into a wide range of economic issues, with two entirely new sections- World Affairs & Thinking Seeds. Apart from a detailed and unconventional analysis of commodity taxes and a focus on environmental economics, we have included interviews with two eminent economists- Dr. C. Rangarajan & Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia. To view the editorial play_for_workClick Here

Aapoorti: Second Edition (2012)

AA landmark edition, which witnessed a meticulous analysis of key global issues such as Development Economics, Ethical issues, Trade, Terrorism, global crises and so on. To view the editorial play_for_workClick Here

Aapoorti: First Edition (2011)

The very first edition of Miranda House's Economics Journal, Aapoorti 2011 gives you an interesting update on the most important Economics news that made headlines- from India overtaking Japan's growth rate, to the numerous scams and also the crisis in Egypt. It presents the two sides of the coin on many issues, debating legalised debating, stock manipulation, and fiscal stimulus. This issue not only makes you think, but also question, debate and discuss. To view the editorial play_for_workClick Here